Was Darwin ahead of our time?

If climate change was a major force in the evolution
 our African ancestors would have been light-skinned


Researchers discovered in 1929 a nearly complete skull that they determined was roughly half a million years old. Named "Peking Man" it was among the earliest human remains ever uncovered and indicated that humanity first evolved in Asia. Although modern dating methods put the fossil even earlier at up to 780,000 years old the specimen has been eclipsed by discoveries in Africa that have yielded much older remains of ancient human relatives. Such finds cemented Africa's status as the cradle of humanity the place from which modern humans and their predecessors spread around the globe and relegated Asia to a kind of evolutionary cul-de-sac.

It is reasonable to assume that we did not evolve in the open plains of Africa, but it a fertile rain forest with plenty of food and water. This leads to the question what the skin color of Homo sapiens might have been hundreds of thousand years ago? Until valid skin-fossils are found, our palaeoanthropologists and geneticists are well-advised to look at the Out-of-Africa migration with open eyes: They would have to contemplate why black-skinned Africans have light-skinned palms and soles, which had always the least exposure to the sun! Although this has never been considered seriously, here are three entertaining examples from 2016: the comedian Chris Rock at the Academy Awards in Hollywood, President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe (LA Times, 3/5/2016, p. A4), and Dr. Ben Carson during the Presidential Debates in the United States:   

This may be conclusive evidence that the evolution of Homo sapiens started out in Africa as light-skinned, and that our races are a relatively recent development. A tentalizing suggestion, because if so-called "blacks" were originally "white", racists like "white supremacists" could finally be silenced! Our African ancestors seem to have lived as "gatherers" in a dense rainforest which protected them from the sun, the "Garden of Eden", and around 100,000 years ago when overpopulation forced group after group to become "hunters" in the plains, the change of climate turned their skin darker to protect them from the sun. Nevertheless, the experts conclude without referencing climate change (Wikipedia) "the skin pigmentation in human beings evolved by a process of natural selection primarily to regulate the amount ultraviolet radiation of penetrating the skin, controlling its biochemical effects... Color is not entirely uniform across an individual's skin; for example, the skin of the palm and the sole is lighter than most other skin, and this is especially noticeable in darker-skinned people... There is a long-standing hypothesis that the selection for lighter skin due to higher vitamin D absorption occurred soon after the Out Of Africa migration some time before 40,000 years ago." This "long-standing hypothesis" ignores the development of Homo sapiens in the rain forests and proposes the contrary, that humans with lighter skin evolved after they migrated from Africa. Perhaps, these experts should investigate why the so-called Aboriginals in Australia have come out of Africa between "65,000 and 75,000 years ago roughly 24,000 years before the European and Asian populations split off from each other" according to Wikipedia. Then they should try to provide a logical explanation why Aboriginals are black with lighter palms and soles as the two photographs demonstrate at left.  (A notable exception is the reconstructed face at right of a million year old female Homo erectus at the Smithonian Museum which is neither really black nor white!) Perhaps, the time has come for our experts to state clearly that skin color is unrelated to the fact that DNA-researchers have localized our ancestors in Africa, commonly known as the Mitochondrial Eve and Y-chromosomal Adam, because many of us are easily misled to assume they had dark skins like gorillas. It may come as a surprise to them that Darwin anticipated our theory by acknowledging "the mental similarity between the most distinct races of man." (1)

Even today, this absurd illustration of the evolution seems perfectly acceptable! Not only are men depicted as the leaders, although women played a greater role, but the metamorphosis goes from black to white, from the ape to the white human, which puts Africans a step behind Homo erectus. We hope to have established with the above arguments that the first humans were as light-skinned as this illustration shows, after which there should be a main branch on the "tree of life" for Homo sapiens, topped by little twigs to represent the different races. That's because our skins turned black, yellow, brown, etc., as our mental growth evolved at the same time equally around the globe. This explanation would eliminate racism in its roots and transfer the discussion to the cultural differences, although it might challenge the IQ of so-called "white supremesists". Our hypothesis shows also how far Darwin was ahead of his time and allows us to consider other phenomena with an influence on the evolution.

Please keep in mind that this site is dedicated to an exploration of the grail myth, which forces us to divert from the beaten path of scholarhip where nothing new has been found lately. Due to the fact that our "quest" is rather successful, why not try the same approach with evolution? The risks of failure are far greater, because we are not dealing with medieval texts or their elimination by the Church, but with an immense, interdisciplinary effort to unravel the origins of life. Hence, our only solution is to cut a narrow path through this vast body of work and limit our researches to the kind of stuff scholars would stay away from. Like an obscure radiation within our Solar system, which may not even exist, or ESP for example, which is highly questionable! However, if our ideas seem a bit off-the-wall like Homo sapiens starting out with a whitish skin, there is always the consolation that some ideas might reveal some valuable insights to the distant future.

A few examples:

Anyone who snorkels has seen millions of fish react in perfect synch, or while driving large flocks of birds moving like curtains in the sky, and in the movies stampedes of mammals like horses and bisons. Such synchronized behavior is usually dismissed as reactions to external stimuli, but we can't ignore the option that some kind of mental connection or ESP is involved. Other examples of this phenomenon could be the migration patterns of birds and butterflies that defy conclusive explanations, unless there are forces we are not yet able to identify. A strong contender is 'genetic memory' which would mean that repeated experiences are registered in the DNA and passed on because butterflies don't live long enough to migrate twice. A persuasive option could come from the realm of ESP, suggesting that there is feedback from an outer source, or that mature animals communicate this information to their young. This writer has experienced how unexplained key-words in his memory led to major discoveries, and had psychic interchanges with his grand-daughter, to whom he is not genetically related, which indicates that Homo sapiens may have retained some of these traits. It may not be an exclusively one-on-one communication in view of animals that move in perfect synch, but there seems to be a force that binds us together and manifests itself in our social conduct, the formation of tribes, groups, clans and which can turn under extreme stress into mob behavior like 'Storming the Bastille' in France and 'Kristallnacht' in Germany .  

Our early ancestors, when they were still monkey-like creatures in the African rain forests, may still have had a more pronounced form of this extra sensory connection. It was probably the period of transformation when we developed our consciousness and part of our brain became "subconscious" and would only be noticed in dreams. This deferment of ESP may have been stimulated by diet (Tree of Knowledge?) or from the 'above' as an extra-terrestrial radiation, and enabled humans to think rationally and make individual decisions. Although this made us the dominant species on our planet, we are obviously in the early stages of this development. We still share the position of arms, legs, eyes, ears, noses and mouths with other mammals, have fairly useless nails and a bone where our tail used to be. Many of us are still quite hairy and our sexes and methods of reproduction remain tied to the animal kingdom. This adds an interesting dimension to the Judeo-Christian belief that we were created by God in His image a curious interpretation we intend to cover below. 

The 'survival of the fittest' applies to millions of years, but lost most its force when our African ancestors realized that there is a choice and divided into hunters and gatherers. The latter enjoyed the fruits of the rain forest and the adventurous left to hunt in the plains. During those times, choice and climate change made some hunters return to the rain forests where flat noses were more practical for tree-climbing, others went on to explore the South of Africa. Other hunters decided to explore the North and got longer noses with smaller nostrils and thinner lips to make breathing safer during the dust- and sandstorms in the plains, which is still apparent in the Middle-East. It is a curious fact that the people in the North got lighter, while those in the South darker, which indicates there was some kind of climatic divide for an extended period, due perhaps to volcanic erruptions or great floods. This would have been over 75,000 years ago and motivated some Africans to go all the way to New Guinea and Australia. The disappearance of rain forests in Africa, the resulting change in diet, and the long separation of some tribes of hunters and gatherers may also explain the diversity of African peoples and tribes today, from the Pygmies to the Watusi. When the first groups had crossed into fertile Northern regions and experienced winters they were forced to become cave-dwellers. Then there were major climate changes which trapped them in Northern caves for tens of thousand years, until about thirty thousand years ago according to their paintings.

This is the basic concept of how our different races developed without much Darwinism during several migration periods as early as a hundred thousand years ago. Africans who explored the West and South of Africa turned black and those in the caves in the North lost most of their  pigments and became whitish. Other tribes continued even farther North in the summer and if they didn't make it to the Americas during the winter, were trapped by volcanic erruptions and ice ages. They had to build igloos and survived on a diet of Arctic animals. Because they had to squint all day in the bright white of the ice, their eyelids adapted over time. Because it was dark half of the year, and cold which warranted clothing, they also lost some pigmentation and their skin turned into other shades because of the type of food they were consuming. During periods of "global warming", many Polar tribes migrated to the fertile South-East and became Asians.  

Over time, Homo sapiens adapted to the different climates, but it is human nature that much more was going on, including tribal warfare and interbreeding. Some of the "bleached" cave-dwellers returned to Africa, others crossed with the Arctic tribes to the Americas, or migrated East to join the Asians. Soon, the islanders of the South-East used floats and sails to settle other continents. The legends about these boat-people could explain why both, the Celts and Egyptians, added boats to their graves to facilitate the journey to a happy "afterlife" of ancient memories. A major aspect of the mutations would be the diet of these early humans as it could also affect their size and skin color. Stationary tribes in the rain forests or mountains remained short, while the fast-moving hunters in the plains grew taller with longer legs. A hundred thousand years of Eastern spices like turmeric will turn any skin yellowish, and something like bison meat and sage might turn it reddish. In time, many of the pink cave-dwellers regained some pigmentation when the weather got better and discovered farming and warfare. The Encyclopedia Britannica has a full page of American Indian chiefs in an edition of the 1950s, and anyone who studies their faces will recognize the diverse 'races' from around the globe. We should also note that black Africans have only been in temperate climates for five hundred years, which is too short a period for any DNA-adjustments. 

But why have all those flat-nosed Africans, pinkish Europeans, red-skinned American Indians, and slit-eyed Asians reached an identical evolutionary level in their intellectual development in spite of substantial physical and social differences? After a dark period of racism it was one of the greatest revelations of the 20th century that African-Americans provided living proof that our physical mutation is separate from mental development! The first scholar to honor Darwin's experiment with the so-called "savages" is the acclaimed anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss who studied natives of the Brazilian jungles. He attributes this parallel development to imagination and mythology, which is certainly an important point, but not the only one. For example, if a Swiss businessman marries an Aboriginal woman from New Guinea who grew up in a village that was untouched by civilization, they would be able to communicate on the same level after a short time. The only logical explanation for a meeting of the minds that bridges these differences is the same force that moves a million fish in perfect synch: a form of ESP where our DNAs communicate without our knowledge.

It may take us another thousand years to fully appreciate this phenomenon, when races no longer exist and all humans have mutated back to the same light tan of our African ancestors. By that time, the mystery of ESP and the parallel mental development of our species is long solved and taught in every grammar school. The solution appears to connect to two unrecognized, natural phenomena that our religions attribute to a divine being and atheists to 'mother nature'. There is apparently some communication between all life forms, which has slowly become subconscious in humans, and which seems to have occurred in a combination of the microcosm, our DNA, and the macrocosm, the 854-year planetary cycles of our Solar system. 

If these planetary cycles have anything to do with climate change and human behavior, as the astronomer Johannes Kepler suggests, such a "cosmic clock" would force us to revise our evolutionary theories. In view of cultural prejudices this external influence is often explained as a divine force from above  which makes it an interesting subject for our grail studies but we are also experiencing some surges of religious fanatism since the 20th century as if this were repeat performances of the Crusades from 854 years earlier. There seems to exist a cosmic force that guides our evolution, regardless of our location be it Africa, the Polar icecap, the Himalayas, or Australia. The various options of explaining this phenomenon as divine cannot fully exclude at this time that we are more connected than we know, which in itself could be an intelligent force, or that we are under the influence of a highly evolved civilization somewhere out there.  

We have shown with Kepler's 'stella nova' that the line-ups of our Solar system occur every 854 years, which isolate planet Earth from the other planets behind the sun. Kepler's comments about endless inhabited worlds in the universe were confirmed by modern science four hundred years later. This interesting fact was unknown since the dawn of civilization when many world religions and superstitions developed from the belief in some higher power or intelligence. This could be an indication that our planet was seeded from outer space and remained under some kind of extra-terrestrial influence. The importance of the 854-year cycle at the vernal equinox indicates that this 'influence' has its source in a specific direction. It could be the Pleiades if the planets facilitate some kind of sling-shot effect, or it could be the opposite direction. Perhaps, when Earth is isolated on one side of the sun this mysterious 'influence' can reach us with greater intensity?

It is a curious fact that so many ancient texts refer to the Phoenix Myth, which we have shown peaked in 860 BCE and which can be identified from Judeo-Christian texts as the eras of Elijah and Elisha, followed 854 years later by John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. A detailed study of the Bible will confirm it, although we can't entirely exclude the option that the protagonists and their witnesses went out of their way to fulfill prophecy. However, if other 854-year cycles are studied, we may discover that Zoroaster, Buddha and Mohammed are related to these cycles as well. Kepler's stella nova appeared during a line-up in one of these cycles and he described in 1604 a 'vibration' that made people do everything with greater intensity. A similar line-up occurred in 1941 and if we review old newscasts, the unusual agitation of these people is apparent...

Tentative conclusions:

It would seem that Darwin's basic concept is no longer valid. When some animals started to walk upright, the physical evolution from apes to 'humans' was rather limited. Our eyes, ears noses and extremities are still in the same place with odd remnants like hair and nails. Perhaps, some kind of extra-terrestrial influence could explain why our mental growth was independent of our physical development, and neither limited to race, environment, or social behavior. Not flying saucers, but bacteria from a meteor that mixed with the water supply, for example. Or it grew the seed of the Tree of Knowledge as the Bible suggests and our nutrition could have stimulated our consciousness and superiority over beasts that are much more powerful. It could have also been a seemingly trivial factor like the discovery and consummation of roasted meats, salt and certain spices. Those who tried it after a wild fire may have liked the taste and began to search for fires and finally recreated them themselves. If it was a fruit, or a combination of both, it could have been figs, because Adam covered himself with a fig leaf. This legend could be interpreted as the origins of our species, and as evidence that the first rational creatures achieved their superiority by controlling the access to food. Consequently, Cain and Abel could be a metaphor for the decision to abandon cannibalism, and as civilizations evolved and were threatened by famine, Homosexual practices became mother nature's solution to limit population.

The 854-year cycles should be studied in greater detail! We show on our site that the Judeo-Christian cycle pertains to the 'grail movement' in Catalonia and relates to the Plato's divine "mixing bowl' of life and the Phoenix Myth. There are also secular examples that history repeats in these patterns, which could mean that the evolution was controlled by a cosmic force that reached us during the line-ups of our Solar system like a 'biological clock'. The fact that any given day is a repetition of exactly 854 years earlier, and that the line-ups point to different directions in the sky could have different effects on us. The superstitious belief in astrology is probably based on this phenomenon because all planetary line-ups move with the sun on a narrow path along the ecliptic. On the other hand, we are exposed to endless distractions and influences, from pollution to transportation, electronic communication and interactive entertainment, while the ancients had the time to enjoy the whole vault of the sky every night. With their greater sensitivity, they might have still been able to notice some kind of 'vibrations' during phoenix events and felt obliged to write their diverse interpretations down. This could mean that an unexplained ESP-connection all humans seem to share could be our soul, and the radiation from above the Supreme Being of the Judeo-Christian religions!  

A work in progress!


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1) Darwin wrote: "Although the existing races of man differ in many respects, as in colour, hair, shape of skull, proportions of the body, &c., yet if their whole organisation be taken into consideration they are found to resemble each other closely in a multitude of points. Many of these points are of so unimportant or of so singular a nature, that it is extremely improbable that they should have been independently acquired by aboriginally distinct species or races. The same remark holds good with equal or greater force with respect to the numerous points of mental similarity between the most distinct races of man. The American aborigines, Negroes and Europeans differ as much from each other in mind as any three races that can be named; yet I was incessantly struck, whilst living with the Fuegians on board the Beagle, with the many little traits of character, shewing how similar their minds were to ours; and so it was with a full-blooded negro with whom I happened once to be intimate". Here's the link to Darwin on-line!




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